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Fully Adjustable & Flexible Pricing Brackets

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A private boat excursion for any event and group size!

Baywatch is perfect for your private charter experience with 1.75 hour and 3 hour adventures available, as well as golden hour sunset excursions! Always fully private, surround sound speaker systems on board, go for a swim, and BYOB your favorite beverages!

We offer flexible and adjustable pricing brackets for all group sizes and celebrations!

To avoid the online booking fee, please call to book, particularly on the 3 hour trips. Contact us directly for mid-week discounts, multi-trip packages, and local's deals!

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2-6 Guests

1.75 Hour Cruise - $595

3 Hour Adventure - $1000

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7-11 Guests

1.75 Hour Cruise - $675

3 Hour Adventure - $1,200

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12-16 Guests

1.75 Hour Cruise - $800

3 Hour Adventure-$1,575

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17-19 Guests

1.75 Hour Cruise - $900

3 Hour Adventure-$1950

What happens if my group size changes?

No Big deal! As long as your group does not exceed 22 we can adjust the payment when you arrive for your private boat excursion! All brackets are fully adjustable! Just let us know any changes to your headcount.


Do these prices include gratuity?

Gratuity is never expected, but it is always appreciated! We never automatically add a tip to your trip, but if you have a great time we super appreciate you showing your crew some love. If you prefer to keep things on a credit card, just give us a call anytime so we can make adjustments for you!

Are there any other fees that apply to these prices?

When you book online the booking software charges approximately 6% processing fee. To avoid the fee just call us up and we can process your Baywatch private boat charter payment over the phone


Have the best day ever on a Private cruise on Baywatch in Newport RI 

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