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Epic Bachelorette Cruise!

Planning a Bachelorette Party in Newport? No weekend is complete without a private bachelorette cruise on Baywatch. 

We offer 1hr45min and 3 hour private boat cruises for up to 19 guests.

Our pricing is tiered. The price for 2-9 guests for 1hr45min is $460 and 3hour is $1000. 10-15  guests for 1hr45min is $590 and 3hr $1400. 16-19 guests 1hr45min $790 and 3hr $1800.

We have an awesome sound system and we are one of the only boats in town that will stop for a swim and we have all the fun floaties for you to hang out on! You can BYOB and bring snacks

Why private? Lets be honest, you want to get loud and a little rowdy, and you cant do that on a public cruise with a bunch of people you dont know, so hang with us and our fun young crew.

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